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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sweetest PJ's Ever !!!!

Last night, Beadupp and I went shopping to look for photo albums, and check what I found:

Will my love of Owls ever cease ?

Monday, June 26, 2006

Karaoke "Mermaid"

This roving is made of 50% soysilk and 50% wool is so cool.
It's the same blend as the South West Trading Company's Karaoke yarn, but in a colorway that is only available as roving.

Run Chompo............Run !!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

BSG Haul

BSG was grrreat fun this year.

Check my haul!

I scored 2 Lendrum plying bobbins, 3 Lendrum spinning bobbins, a great cone of unbleached cotton yarn for knitting potholders, a sweet pink BSG tee, 2 Leclerc plastic shuttles for my Dorothy loom, 12 Leclerc bobbins, 10 colors of Country Classics dyes, 4 bags of flash (green, brown, blue, and magenta), and a pair of old wooden knitting needles that are just dying to be topped with some cute beads or something!

BSG was pretty fun this year :)
My aunt and uncle came down from St. Helens to see the alpaca show and pick up some supplies. Auntie got some felting supplies, and plans to make hats for everyone for Christmas, she'll use the 2nd cuts of her alpaca's shearings!
They brought grammie with them to the show, and we all met up with Onnie and Fyberduck too!
A great time was had by all as we visited the animals and shopped at the trade show!

Corriedale Surprise

During the Black Sheep Gathering, I enrolled in a class called Popular Wheel Mechanics.
We spun some corriedale, and experimented with different whorls and drive bands and tensions and stuff.
You can see my attempt to make a thick, irregular yarn:

The blue stuff is me experimenting with different colored rovings, to try to make something that looks like trekking sock yarn (only in a color palette that I really like :)

I can't wait to ply this stuff!

Monday, June 19, 2006


Just wanted to let you know.

I got bangs.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Snowdrop Shawl (KAL)

Day 1:
Some progress was made, and the first snowdrop pattern was finished.
Thank goodness for the life-line, I kept dropping the same stitch on the return row!

Day 2:
I'm glad I waited to resume knitting.....today there were NO dropped stitches, and I'm really starting to get into the rythym of the pattern, and I've finished 5 pattern repeats.
And I finally figured out what the snowdrop thing is. For a while I was wondering, why does Steph call this the 'snowdrop shawl', then I noticed the pattern emerging - its the snowdrop blossom repeating down the shawl, and there may even be some leaves in there too ;)
I thought the pattern was supposed to be some sort of snowflake, mixed with drops of water? Now that's a curious visual, isn't it........

Day 3:
Okay, I was supposed to be cleaning up for the party I'm having this Saturday, but instead, I turned to the snowdrop shawl....I swear...I could hear it calling my name.......
I'm up to 9 pattern repeats now! It's getting pretty big, and I've only used about 25 grams of yarn.....I'm beginning to understand this lace thing......Perfect if you have absolutely no cash, and plenty of time to waste. I can just picture some old widow knitting by candelight, oh my, I'm becoming an old spinster!

Day 4:
OMG.......Today I found out from fyberduck that Steph is coming to Eugene in the fall! I must finish this shall before her arrival. All the KAL participants must wear their's to the event! I command it!
btw... 13 repeats complete now, and the shawl is getting hefty.......and I'm wondering if I can complete this thing with just one skein?

Day 5:
Madame DeFarge's:

Day 6:
Today I relaxed on the bank of Clear Lake (near Sisters, Oregon).
I finished two more repeats of the snowdrop pattern, and now I'm ready to perform the I-cord (with fyberduck's help of course :)

Mom happily modeled the shawl so I could take a pic:

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Guild Summer Meeting update

Summer Meetings:

WHEN: Sundays 6 to 8pm

WHERE: Cosmic Pizza

We plan to knit, enjoy a few slices, and maybe even a beer :)

Hope to see you there!

Spring term's final meeting went well. Everyone was working on interesting projects, and looking forward to our new summer meeting venue. ceruleanfleur brought some great snacks, fyberduck wore her handknit top, Sakura, D was working on a cute pink pillow cover, M was finishing her cabled wallet thing.....

Go Ducks! Canine Letterman Sweater

The sweater turned out to be a little short in the neck area, but Newbyn can handle it!
Overall, it was a very nice fit, the leg openings, length and circumference were dead on.
Newbyn's owner has been nagging me to make him a sweater for several months now, and it was definitely an enjoyable project!
Sewing in the yellow zipper was a memorable experience! I pinned in the zipper with at least 50 straight pins, and basted for about 30 minutes, after which, I confidently sewed in the adorable yellow zipper.
This was my first intarsia project, and I'm proud to say there were very few mistakes!

I adapted a pattern from PuppyKnits, and used Caron Simply Soft in Ducks colors.

The Letterman Sweater (in progress)

The happy owner, Newbyn....

(check out his collar, I made the sweater to match :)

One Skein Swap: First Package

This morning the package from CrochetCrazy arrived, and I was bubbling with excitement!
I couldn't imagine what the yarn would be like, so I could hardly contain myself.

Look at the care which was taken in packaging the gift:

And it came in the cutest little gift bag :)

The best surprise was inside the bag:

I love the 3-ply alpaca lace-weight yarn, each ply is a different color! one black, one lavender, one blue like the evening sky! CrochetCrazy also included a British copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone!

I can't imagine that Mary (Crochet Crazy) knows of my love for Harry Potter.....Perhaps fyberduck added something to my profile to tip Mary ;)
I can't wait to knit something cute with this adorable yarn!
I'm thinking a lace doily to adorn my antique cedar chest!
Of course, I'll have to consult the gals at my guild


Thanks for this amazing gift! I was surprised by your generosity and thoughtfulness!
I can't wait to see what you have in store for July!

the new computer......is finally here!!

Now I can finally start posting again.

Isn't it cute, no messy cords hanging around, just pure mac beauty!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Re-Knit Handknit

As you can see, I'm up to the pits :)

The yarn from this project was recovered from 2 size XS American Eagle 100% wool sweaters that I purchased for $1 each at the annual Earth Day sale at Eugene's Buffalo Exchange.