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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Owl Swap: Sneak Peak!

The personal owl swap through crafster has been soooo much fun!
I've finished two small presents, and I'm almost finished with the fingerless gloves, the orange tote, and another surprise too!
Here's a sneak peak of the tote:


At 12:17 PM PDT, Anonymous yarn_mafia said...

Yes, merino soft is the sale of the month. It is now 5.75Here are the colours we have (since I haven't heard from you on what colours you want, and I am currently in the store): white (colour number 01), red (03), black (02), navy (04), light camel (06), peach (07), brown (08), burgundy (09), cream (10), dandelion (14), rust (16), sage (17), olive (18), light blue (20), light royal (24), green (28), hunter green (29), light yellow (32), brown heather (34), light grey (36), pink (40), bright pink (41), baby blue (43), soft blue (44), mint (45), soft yellow (46), blue grey (47).

At 9:10 AM PDT, Anonymous TheBon said...

Hooray for comments! Again, super super cute owlie! I saw a painted owl pendant on etsy the other day and thought of you. I'll see if I can dig it up again.

At 9:11 AM PDT, Anonymous TheBon said...

Found it! Here it is:


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