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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Snowdrop Shawl (KAL)

Day 1:
Some progress was made, and the first snowdrop pattern was finished.
Thank goodness for the life-line, I kept dropping the same stitch on the return row!

Day 2:
I'm glad I waited to resume knitting.....today there were NO dropped stitches, and I'm really starting to get into the rythym of the pattern, and I've finished 5 pattern repeats.
And I finally figured out what the snowdrop thing is. For a while I was wondering, why does Steph call this the 'snowdrop shawl', then I noticed the pattern emerging - its the snowdrop blossom repeating down the shawl, and there may even be some leaves in there too ;)
I thought the pattern was supposed to be some sort of snowflake, mixed with drops of water? Now that's a curious visual, isn't it........

Day 3:
Okay, I was supposed to be cleaning up for the party I'm having this Saturday, but instead, I turned to the snowdrop shawl....I swear...I could hear it calling my name.......
I'm up to 9 pattern repeats now! It's getting pretty big, and I've only used about 25 grams of yarn.....I'm beginning to understand this lace thing......Perfect if you have absolutely no cash, and plenty of time to waste. I can just picture some old widow knitting by candelight, oh my, I'm becoming an old spinster!

Day 4:
OMG.......Today I found out from fyberduck that Steph is coming to Eugene in the fall! I must finish this shall before her arrival. All the KAL participants must wear their's to the event! I command it!
btw... 13 repeats complete now, and the shawl is getting hefty.......and I'm wondering if I can complete this thing with just one skein?

Day 5:
Madame DeFarge's:

Day 6:
Today I relaxed on the bank of Clear Lake (near Sisters, Oregon).
I finished two more repeats of the snowdrop pattern, and now I'm ready to perform the I-cord (with fyberduck's help of course :)

Mom happily modeled the shawl so I could take a pic: