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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Go Ducks! Canine Letterman Sweater

The sweater turned out to be a little short in the neck area, but Newbyn can handle it!
Overall, it was a very nice fit, the leg openings, length and circumference were dead on.
Newbyn's owner has been nagging me to make him a sweater for several months now, and it was definitely an enjoyable project!
Sewing in the yellow zipper was a memorable experience! I pinned in the zipper with at least 50 straight pins, and basted for about 30 minutes, after which, I confidently sewed in the adorable yellow zipper.
This was my first intarsia project, and I'm proud to say there were very few mistakes!

I adapted a pattern from PuppyKnits, and used Caron Simply Soft in Ducks colors.

The Letterman Sweater (in progress)

The happy owner, Newbyn....

(check out his collar, I made the sweater to match :)