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Sunday, June 25, 2006

BSG Haul

BSG was grrreat fun this year.

Check my haul!

I scored 2 Lendrum plying bobbins, 3 Lendrum spinning bobbins, a great cone of unbleached cotton yarn for knitting potholders, a sweet pink BSG tee, 2 Leclerc plastic shuttles for my Dorothy loom, 12 Leclerc bobbins, 10 colors of Country Classics dyes, 4 bags of flash (green, brown, blue, and magenta), and a pair of old wooden knitting needles that are just dying to be topped with some cute beads or something!

BSG was pretty fun this year :)
My aunt and uncle came down from St. Helens to see the alpaca show and pick up some supplies. Auntie got some felting supplies, and plans to make hats for everyone for Christmas, she'll use the 2nd cuts of her alpaca's shearings!
They brought grammie with them to the show, and we all met up with Onnie and Fyberduck too!
A great time was had by all as we visited the animals and shopped at the trade show!