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Sunday, August 06, 2006

knitting in the park; & tubas too!

This week our knitting group met at the UO campus McMenamins for beers and pub grub.

After grabbing a bite to eat, we all headed over to the park to hear a tuba concert.

We knitted (or would that be knat ?), and sat, and listened to the music. The people in the row in front of us (who I am graciously not picturing) became angry at our low decibel chatter (well, I guess it was a concert after all). Damn, I really should have taken their pictures.....For some reason they did not want to hear about the recent living history presentation at the Eugene Library by Tames Alan.
Everyone enjoyed the music and the warm summer evening:

Next week we'll meet at 5:30 @ McMenamins, then head over to Washburne park for the Oregon Brass Society concert at 6:30.
Check out the list of meetings/concerts.