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Saturday, August 05, 2006

day at the beach

Anna, Chris and I headed off for a day of fun at the beach.
We decided that we'd try taking Hwy 99 of Junction City, and then head west on Hwy 36. On our way to the ocean, we stopped by to enjoy Triangle Lake, and Chris couldnt' resist te urge to take a dip:

Anna and I watched on the dock, and enjoyed the scenery. At first Anna was camera shy:

Then somehow I convinced her to take this photo of us:

After about an hour of fun, we headed west again. We stopped by the Tide Wayside (about 4 miles west of Swisshome) and enjoyed the Siuslaw, and picked blackberries for a little while...

I'm sure that the wayside was nice about 50 years ago, but now the benches and fireplaces are in a state of disrepair. There's an old country store across the street, but it looks like it's been closed for a while now.

Next we headed to the coast, and north to the Adobe resort. The resort has also been going downhill. We went into the dining room to see the view, and the whole room smelled awful, like the carpet was mildewing. Once we headed outside, the view was much more pleasant, althought very windy!

After eating lunch, we headed south to Old Town Florence. Anna and I found a cute sign for a store, but it was closed for the evening:

A car show was passing through town, so we caught some photos:

We stopped off for a quick Root Beer Float:

And then it was time to head home.


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