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Saturday, July 08, 2006

mission accomplished

Today Anna and I attempted to donate phonebooks to the local recycling center, BRING.
We were supposed to bring the phonebooks to Borders, and then BRING would receive $1 for every book we brought.
Anna and I found 27 phonebooks to donate by soliciting donations from family, friends, and work.
We arrived at borders with our haul........

only to find that the phonebook drive had been moved several miles away due to a scheduling problem. Apparently, BRING had not asked Border's managers and property owners for permission to hold the event at Borders.
This drive had been advertised on posters, radio, and television - all without Borders' permission.

By the way, the staff at Borders said that Anna and I had brought more phonebooks than anyone, hooray for us! We're saving the world one phonebook at a time!

So we drove toward Franklin Boulevard to find the drop off point:

Finding this place was a nightmare, but we made a friend along the way:

The people at the Glenwood transfer site (AKA the dump) told us to go to BRING, on Seavey Loop, and finding that place was an adventure too!

Once we arrived we found out what happens to phonebooks when we recycle them :)

We found this lovely kitchen sink.

Well, Mission Accomplished.

We earned $27 to support our local recycling center, and met many strange people along the way!