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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

attack of the spinsters

Emmos very kindly offered up her silkscreens for me to use tonight, so we had a little "silkscreening party". Here's one of the screens:

And, wow!, aren't we amazed with her talent? I have been lusting after these for a bit. Bless her! I now have way cool, individual "Spinster" t-shirts.

And here's Emmos (and C, seated) getting everything ready for us to silkscreen:

It soon became readily apparent (I HAD warned her I wasn't awake) that I couldn't be trusted with ink. Nope. It got everywhere. But on my clothes. I even wore crappy clothes, too. That's just wrong.

Emmos finally adopted Mad Eye's "Constant Vigilence" methods of supervision, cuz I needed it. Didn't work, but it was worth a shot. At least I didn't ruin anything. I only got ink all over the screens, myself, the counters, the sink, and the floor. Yeah.

Genius quality, I know.

And, some t's on the rack:

Very kindly, too, the nice young lady working at the Craft Center didn't kick us out at 10p (their closing time) and also didn't bother us about using more than one ink colour. Woohoo! Black and pink, baby.

By 10:20, we had this loverly stack of t-shirts and patches:


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